Awesomeville Election Dashboard

This page contains quick facts about the most recent election, a breakdown of the votes for each position,
a detailed analysis of the voting behaviour as a whole, a countywide comparison and historical elections information. Enjoy!

Unfortunately the Town of Awesomeville is not a real town and was created for demonstration purposes only.

When you are done looking around, get in touch with us, and let's create one for your municipality.

2018 Election Overview



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Elected Officials

The Elected Officals of Awesomeville.
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2018 Voting Breakdown

The simple votes and percentages by candidate, and spoiled or declined ballots.
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Votes for Mayor

Name Votes Percentage (label is actual percentage of votes, the bar is sized relative to the most voted)

2018 Candidate Information

Candidates in the last Municipal Elections are listed under the position they are running for.
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Candidates for Mayor

Name Date Filed Election Financial Statements (posted when available)

2018 Voter Participation

An analysis of the voter turnout to better understand participation.

Voter Turnout

pie_chart Of the 20,000 registered voters in Awesomeville, 19,000 (95%) cast ballots and 1,000 did not. The vast majority of people voted by internet (94.7%).

Voting by Position

bar_chart Voter participation was strong for the Mayoral (95%) and Councillor (100%) positions, however Deputy Mayor has a lower participation rate (77%).

info Click on legend items to toggle visibility. This is useful to inspect one series at a time.

Voting by Age

bar_chart This is where we analyze voting by age. This is just demo data so it's not worth looking too hard right here. But think of the possibilities and insights.

info Click on legend items to toggle visibility. This is useful to inspect one series at a time.

Voting by Sex

pie_chart There were exactly the same amount of male and female voters, imagine that. They both had a 95% participation rate.

Turnout - Females

Turnout - Males

Voting Method by Sex

pie_chart Male and Females also used internet voting at the same rate of 94.7%, wow!

Method - Females

Method - Males

Voting by Age Groups

bar_chart Again, we can analyze the voting trends by age groups and by sex. This can show who the strongest groups are and where we might want to support and advertise to next time around.

Age Groups - Females

Age Groups - Males

info Click on legend items to toggle visibility. This is useful to inspect one series at a time.

Advanced Voting

bar_chart There were 8 days of advanced voting. 13,200 (69.5%) voters chose to cast their ballot prior to election day, while 5,800 (30.5%) voters cast a ballot on Election Day.

Voter Regions

bar_chart The absolute largest group of voters came from area 302 (3400 ballots cast). The highest turnout was in area 602 with 98% turnout. The absolute lowest group of voters came from areas 101 and 301 (with 450 ballots cast each). The lowest turnout was in area 201 with 80% turnout (That's why it's Awesomeville!).

info Click on legend items to toggle visibility. This is useful to inspect one series at a time.

place This is a mockup map that would visually convey the turnout for each area of your municipality. This is helpful for finding particularly low turn out areas or looking for other trends.

2018 County Comparison

A look at other municipalities throughout the County.

Election Turnouts

bar_chart The Town of Awesomeville had the best turnout rate (95%) throughout Crazy County. Wickedville is not so wicked with the lowest turnout in the County (68%). The average turnout across the province was 37.66%.

Elections History

Local participation over the years, the durations of council members, and elections document archive.

Historical Voter Turnout

bar_chart The 2018 election had the best participation rate ever seen in Awesomeville.

Duration of Council Members

clear_all This timeline shows the members of councils that have served. It also makes clear which members have served for multiple terms.

Historical Candidate Financial Statements

cloud_download This section gives access to past financial statements from all candidates who have run for council positions.